Marjorie J. Stephens

Marjorie specializes in estate planning. Since 1977, she has been working with individuals and families in structuring plans which provide a unique approach to tax and family planning. She now represents several generations within a family as the family members work to pass on their legacies through the generations.

Marjorie is a graduate of Tufts University with a degree in sociology (she does realize that this degree is not particularly useful in the real world.) She obtained her J>D. from SMU Law School in 1974 and her L.L.M. in Taxation from SMU Law School in 1981. Marjorie took a foray into psychology in the early 1980s, almost completing her masters prior to returning to her full-time estate planning practice.

During Marjorie’s career she has focused on transferring wealth in a tax advantageous manner. Her interest for the last 40 years has been on how to transfer wealth in a manner that has a positive impact on the recipients. From the time of her hiatus to return to school in psychology for two years in the early 1980s she has been fascinated with what motivates individuals and the importance of control on an individual’s life. After returning to practice she has continued to read and review literature in this area. She has written and spoken about the fallacy of using money to motivate individuals using an “incentive trust.”

She utilizes her background in psychology, coupled with extensive experience in client relations, to develop legacy planning which considers the intangible as well as the tangible legacies we leave. Marjorie has written and continues to develop material for her clients to assist them in creating an estate plan to carry out their legacies.

Marjorie now limits her practice to working with families in the transfer of their wealth in a manner that facilitates their children’s and any other recipient’s personal development and furthers their non-monetary legacy. She will continue her exploration into the research and practices that best support this process. Her research and writing will periodically be included on this website.

Marjorie has three delightful children (Andrew, Ben and Lee) and they have each chosen a delightful partner (Tara, Kari and John) and have given Marjorie three entertaining and life transforming grandchildren – two grandsons (John Andrew – 7/9/16 and Parker – 9/28/18) and one granddaughter (Immie - 9/3/17).

Marjorie continues to exercise to maintain her sanity. With age she has shifted to more low impact exercise – swimming, spin classes, Pilates, walking and hiking. She has taken several week long swimming and hiking adventures.

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