Office Closure – Attorney Information

Marjorie Stephens retired from full time practice on January 1, 2021.

All of Marjorie’s files are maintained electronically. For a limited period of time, she is maintaining her system to allow for easy access to these files. To obtain a copy of a document for one of Marjorie’s former clients, contact Susan Kagan at Please allow for a delay in responding since Susan does not access this email account daily.

The Attorneys page has contact information for the attorneys who were attorneys with the Stephens-Guthrie PLLC law firm: Shannon Guthrie, Karen Wheeler, Don Shapiro, Terrell Dismukes, and Jack Hales. Shannon, Karen, and Terrell are working with the Guthrie Law Firm. Jack has established his own practice. Don is working on a limited basis with a few of his long time clients.

Ben Stephens passed away in early 2019 and all of the files for Ben’s clients are held by his successor Jack Hales.

There are many excellent estate planning attorneys in Dallas. The Selection Guidance section provides information on selecting an estate planning attorney for clients’ use in that process.

Several of Marjorie’s clients have asked for a referral to an attorney with the (former) Stephens-Guthrie PLLC firm. Since 2009 the attorney with whom Marjorie worked most closely is Karen Wheeler. Karen is familiar with Marjorie’s work, documents, and plans, as well as with many of her clients. Marjorie highly recommends Karen; however, Karen is limiting her practice so should be contacted for her availability.